Software Products

Delta IT Solutions is capable of carrying out software development under :

  • Suitable for any companies who are selling their products through their sales representatives.

Our key features :

  • Able to handle customer lists, project lists, details, status, schedules, etc.
  • Able to control by the top management, two way communications between sales representatives and managerfor the purpose of project updates & tracking.

Retail Presentation Suite

  • Suitable for retailer who needs to prepare better quotation with images and also it will help to display good presentation for their client.
  • Can be able to show all the product display which support by retailer even stock may not available during the customer visit.

Inventory Control For Small Business

  • Suitable for small firm. We can make quotation, invoice, and receipt voucher. We can keep records for the bank transactions. We can able to monitor the day to day transactions.